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Eric Lindstrom

Assistant Professor

Eric Lindstrom, Assistant Professor, comes to the UVM Department of English from Yale University, where he recently submitted a dissertation titled "Romantic Fiat."  The project explores themes of radical creative command and obeisance in Romantic Literature, focusing on the contact points between poetry, nonfiction prose and political life.  Through explorations of the life and work of poets including Coleridge,  Wordsworth and Percy Shelley?and the critics Hazlitt and Peacock?"Romantic Fiat" argues for an innovative common language version of the inherited language of divine command, in which the biblical "let there be light" emerges in a new Romantic interest in the language of "let there be" and "let be."  The project also analyzes the movement of belief outside a traditional theological sphere, and sees displaced belief in the decisively "modern" poetics of Romantic paper money.

Both in association with this project and beyond its borders, Eric Lindstrom has written essays on the above authors, particularly on their relation to the philosophy of David Hume and the writings of Edmund Burke.  Among his completed research projects include the  essays "Useless Fiat"?on Wordsworth?"To Wordsworth and the White 
Obi"--on Wordsworth and Shelley?"They Are All Paper Money Lyrics"?on  poetry and the Bank Restriction Act?and a new essay project called "No Cause, No Cause: Wordsworth, King Lear and the Subversion of the Post-Revolutionary Performative."  (Let us pray these will all come out soon.)  He has also written reviews on several recent books in Romantic Studies for the journal of the Midwest MLA.

Eric lives by the horses in South Burlington, with his wife Angie and daughter Veronica.

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