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Dean's Lecture Award Winners

Spring 2017

Professor Todd McGowan
Lecture Title: Citizen Trump

Fall 2016

Professor Bob Pepperman Taylor
Lecture Title: Reading Thoreau in the 21st Century

Spring 2016

Professor Dianna Murray-Close
Lecture Title: Beyond Mean Girls: Understanding the Development of Relational Aggression

Fall 2015

Professor Gregory Bottoms
Lecture Title: White Kid: A Memoir of Race, Racism, Class, and Culture in the 1970s

Spring 2015

Professor Bryan Ballif
Lecture Title: Grandma Eloise's Toy Box and the Discovery of Four Novel Blood Types

Fall 2014

Professor Boğaç Ergene
Lecture Title: Corruption, Ottoman Style

Spring 2014

Professor Emily Bernard
Lecture Title: Becoming Black: a Meditation on Racialization

Fall 2013

Professor Garrison Nelson
Lecture Title: The Court Transformed: How it Happened; Why it Matters

Spring 2013

Professor Valerie Rohy
Lecture Title: Gay Identity and the Act of Reading in “The Well of Loneliness”

Fall 2012

Professor Robert Bartlett
Lecture Title: Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Democracy, Sustainable Politics

Spring 2012

Professor Mark Usher
Lecture Title: Agamemnon in Africa, Ulysses in Ulaanbaatar: Classics Gone Global

Fall 2011

Professor William Mierse
Lecture Title: How Clothes Make the Man: Textile Art in Ancient Central Asia

Spring 2011

Professor Denise Youngblood
Lecture Title: Americanitis: American Movies and Soviet Cinema

Fall 2010

Professor Philip Baruth
Lecture Title:  A Brief Series of Impolitic Remarks, Potentially Culminating in Summary Dismissal from the University (Or, On Satire)

Spring 2010

Professor Tina Escaja
Lecture Title: The Printer at the Far End of the Romance Languages: A CyberArtist / Feminist / Impostor's Take on Otherness

Fall 2009

Professor William Geiger
Lecture Title: How Can One Small Electron Make Such a Big Difference?

Spring 2009

Professor William Paden
Lecture Title: Mapping the Gods: Comparative Religion and the Search for Patterns

Fall 2008

Professor Dennis Mahoney
Lecture Title: Rings and Precious Things in German Literary and Musical Culture

Spring 2008

Professor John Gennari
Lecture Title: The Sounds and the Fury: The Acoustics of Afro-Italian Life in Kym Ragusa's The Skin Between Us: A Memoir of Race, Beauty, and Belonging

Fall 2007

Professor Gregory Gause
Lecture Title: The Causes and Consequences of the Iraq War

Spring 2007

Professor Alison Brody
Lecture Title: From Colorado to Kenya: The multiple effects of Species Interactions

Fall 2006

Professor Richard Sugarman
Lecture Title: Time and Transcendence

Spring 2006

Professor Derk Pereboom
Lecture Title: Is Free Will an Illusion?

Fall 2005

Professor Glen Elder
Lecture Title: 45 Degrees North, 71 Degrees West - or Not?  Vermont's New Borderland Personality after 9/11

Spring 2005

Professor Jonathan Huener
Lecture Title: Auschwitz Remembered

Fall 2004

Professor Chris Allen
Lecture Title: Polyester: You Wear It, You Love It, But Do You Know It?

Spring 2004

Professor Cristina Mazzoni
Lecture Title: Wash your salad well, have dessert first and don't forget to play with your food:  eating and cooking lessons from the writings of Christian holy women

Fall 2003

Professor Alan Wertheimer
Lecture Title: Exploitation in Medical Research:  What's the Problem?

Spring 2003

Professor Tony Magistrale
Lecture Title: The Many Redemptions of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

Fall 2002

Professor David Scrase
Lecture Title: The Production of Knowledge

Spring 2002

Professor Robert Kaufman
Lecture Title: No Substitute for Victory: The Current War and its Implications for American Foreign Policy

Fall 2001

Professor Robert Rodgers
Lecture Title: Poetry, Politics, and Public Works: A Watchful Context for Liberal Change

Spring 2001

Professor Matthew Hannah
Lecture Title: Everyday Life in the Former German Democratic Republic: Fair Game?

Fall 2000

Professor Bruce Kapp
Lecture Title: Stress, Emotion, and the Brain

Spring 2000

Professor Frank Manchel
Lecture Title: Sink or Swim: Hollywood after World War II

Fall 1999

Professor Gretchen VanSlyke
Lecture Title: Rosa Bonheur and her Cross Dressing Permits

Spring 1999

Professor William Mann
Lecture Title: Mens Rea and the Thought Police

Fall 1998

Professor Patrick Neal
Lecture Title: Religious Conviction and Liberal Democracy

Spring 1998

Professor Laura Fishman
Lecture Title: A Legacy of Defiance: African-American and Latina Women standing by their incarcerated HIV-AIDS-infected men

Fall 1997

Professor Nicholas Gotelli
Lecture Title: The Ecology of Larval Ant Lions: Interactions of Predators & their Prey

Spring 1997

Professor William Metcalfe
Lecture Title: Canada - Cultivating a Cultural Garden and keeping Elephants out of it

Fall 1996

Professor Robyn Warhol
Lecture Title: Spectacular Slavery - Uncle Tom in 19th C. Posters and Playbills

Spring 1996

Professor Frank Bryan
Lecture Title: What if we held a democracy: Would anybody come?

Fall 1995

Professor Doris Bergen
Lecture Title: Constructed Ethnicity, Real Genocide: The Voksdeutschen and the Holocaust

Spring 1995

Professor Joni Seager

Fall 1994

Professor David Huddle

Spring 1994

Professor Ann Clark

Fall 1993

Professor Martin Thaler

Spring 1993

Professor Joseph Schall

Fall 1992

Professor Z. Philip Ambrose

Spring 1992

Professor Mark Stoler

Fall 1991

Professor Jane Ambrose

Spring 1991

Professor Kenneth Rothwell

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