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Previous Dean's Lecture Award Winners

Spring 2014

Professor Emily Bernard

Lecture Title: Becoming Black: a Meditation on Racialization

Fall 2013

Professor Garrison Nelson

Lecture Title: The Court Transformed: How it Happened; Why it Matters

Spring 2013

Professor Valerie Rohy

Lecture Title: Gay Identity and the Act of Reading in “The Well of Loneliness”

Fall 2012

Professor Robert Bartlett

Lecture Title: Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Democracy, Sustainable Politics

Spring 2012

Professor Mark Usher

Lecture Title: Agamemnon in Africa, Ulysses in Ulaanbaatar: Classics Gone Global

Fall 2011

Professor William Mierse

Lecture Title: How Clothes Make the Man: Textile Art in Ancient Central Asia

Spring 2011

Professor Denise Youngblood

Lecture Title: Americanitis: American Movies and Soviet Cinema

Fall 2010

Professor Philip Baruth

Lecture Title:  A Brief Series of Impolitic Remarks, Potentially Culminating in Summary Dismissal from the University (Or, On Satire)

Spring 2010

Professor Tina Escaja

Lecture Title: The Printer at the Far End of the Romance Languages: A CyberArtist / Feminist / Impostor's Take on Otherness

Fall 2009

Professor William Geiger

Lecture Title: How Can One Small Electron Make Such a Big Difference?

Spring 2009

Professor William Paden

Lecture Title: Mapping the Gods: Comparative Religion and the Search for Patterns

Fall 2008

Professor Dennis Mahoney

Lecture Title: Rings and Precious Things in German Literary and Musical Culture

Spring 2008

Professor John Gennari

Lecture Title: The Sounds and the Fury: The Acoustics of Afro-Italian Life in Kym Ragusa's The Skin Between Us: A Memoir of Race, Beauty, and Belonging

Fall 2007

Professor Gregory Gause

Lecture Title: The Causes and Consequences of the Iraq War

Spring 2007

Professor Alison Brody

Lecture Title: From Colorado to Kenya: The multiple effects of Species Interactions

Fall 2006

Professor Richard Sugarman

Lecture Title: Time and Transcendence

Spring 2006

Professor Derk Pereboom

Lecture Title: Is Free Will an Illusion?

Fall 2005

Professor Glen Elder

Lecture Title: 45 Degrees North, 71 Degrees West - or Not?  Vermont's New Borderland Personality after 9/11

Spring 2005

Professor Jonathan Huener

Lecture Title: Auschwitz Remembered

Fall 2004

Professor Chris Allen

Lecture Title: Polyester: You Wear It, You Love It, But Do You Know It?

Spring 2004

Professor Cristina Mazzoni

Lecture Title: Wash your salad well, have dessert first and don't forget to play with your food:  eating and cooking lessons from the writings of Christian holy women

Fall 2003

Professor Alan Wertheimer

Lecture Title: Exploitation in Medical Research:  What's the Problem?

Spring 2003

Professor Tony Magistrale

Lecture Title: The Many Redemptions of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

Fall 2002

Professor David Scrase

Lecture Title: The Production of Knowledge

Spring 2002

Professor Robert Kaufman

Lecture Title: No Substitute for Victory: The Current War and its Implications for American Foreign Policy

Fall 2001

Professor Robert Rodgers

Lecture Title: Poetry, Politics, and Public Works: A Watchful Context for Liberal Change

Spring 2001

Professor Matthew Hannah

Lecture Title: Everyday Life in the Former German Democratic Republic: Fair Game?

Fall 2000

Professor Bruce Kapp

Lecture Title: Stress, Emotion, and the Brain

Spring 2000

Professor Frank Manchel

Lecture Title: Sink or Swim: Hollywood after World War II

Fall 1999

Professor Gretchen VanSlyke

Lecture Title: Rosa Bonheur and her Cross Dressing Permits

Spring 1999

Professor William Mann

Lecture Title: Mens Rea and the Thought Police

Fall 1998

Professor Patrick Neal

Lecture Title: Religious Conviction and Liberal Democracy

Spring 1998

Professor Laura Fishman

Lecture Title: A Legacy of Defiance: African-American and Latina Women standing by their incarcerated HIV-AIDS-infected men

Fall 1997

Professor Nicholas Gotelli

Lecture Title: The Ecology of Larval Ant Lions: Interactions of Predators & their Prey

Spring 1997

Professor William Metcalfe

Lecture Title: Canada - Cultivating a Cultural Garden and keeping Elephants out of it

Fall 1996

Professor Robyn Warhol

Lecture Title: Spectacular Slavery - Uncle Tom in 19th C. Posters and Playbills

Spring 1996

Professor Frank Bryan

Lecture Title: What if we held a democracy: Would anybody come?

Fall 1995

Professor Doris Bergen

Lecture Title: Constructed Ethnicity, Real Genocide: The Voksdeutschen and the Holocaust

Spring 1995

Professor Joni Seager

Lecture Title: -

Fall 1994

Professor David Huddle

Lecture Title: -

Spring 1994

Professor Ann Clark

Lecture Title: -

Fall 1993

Professor Martin Thaler

Lecture Title: -

Spring 1993

Professor Joseph Schall

Lecture Title: -

Fall 1992

Professor Z. Philip Ambrose

Lecture Title: -

Spring 1992

Professor Mark Stoler

Lecture Title: -

Fall 1991

Professor Jane Ambrose

Lecture Title: -

Spring 1991

Professor Kenneth Rothwell

Lecture Title: -

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