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Deadlines: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 (Quarterly)


Approximately $40,000 is available each year to provide support and enhancement of the research, creative/performance, and other scholarly activities of faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.  All full-time faculty [minimum of 0.75 FTE and 9 months] in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to receive support.  Amounts up to $3000 may be obtained from this source.  Awards may not be used for attendance at meetings, conferences or symposia. Award funds are available starting in the awarded semester through the following four semesters. Funds will expire either December 31st (for those awarded in the fall semester) or June 30th (for those awarded in the spring semester) two years after the award notification, unless given an extension.


  • Proposals must identify how the project will enhance the applicant's research creative/performance or other scholarly activity.
  • Project summaries should provide clear and explicit information on the project's importance, methodology and expected outcome, taking into account an audience of non-specialists who will evaluate the proposal
  • Budgets should be realistic, detailed, and make the most of the funding available.
  • Applicants are expected to have already utilized or otherwise committed available professional development funds before applying for a research award. PDFs may be used for expenses in the proposed project not covered by the award.
  • Awards may NOT be used for attendance at meetings, conferences or symposia, nor may they be used for the purchase of computer hardware.
  • Expenses for meals are NOT reimbursable by award funds.
  • Awards may NOT be used for summer salary stipends for faculty or release from teaching time during the academic year.
  • Recipients of this award are expected to submit a final report to the Dean's Office on their project by September 30 of the academic year after the award was utilized. Notice on how to complete this report will be sent to necessary faculty prior to the deadline. Recipients may contact to complete their report earlier. Failure to file a final report will make the recipient ineligible for future awards funding.
  • Please complete the application, including supporting documentation in Microsoft Word format, and send it as an email attachment to

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