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The New CAS ByLaws – An Implementation Guide September 4, 2015

General Principle

The Bylaws take effect upon approval by the faculty. The CAS Faculty approved the new Bylaws by electronic ballot last May – this result was announced by email to the College Faculty on May 15, 2015 and, so, they are now in effect. Exceptions to this are detailed below.

Section VI: Standing Committees.

Two committees were removed from the Bylaws. Each of these two committees will be charged with assisting with the transition to having their responsibilities taken over by other entities in the College, either as described in the new Bylaws or as recommended by the committees to the Dean. Specifically:

Nominations and Elections Committee.

This Committee's duties are addressed in detail in the new Bylaws, with the Secretary of the College formally taking over these responsibilities. In order to ensure faculty participation in the transition, early in the fall semester, the Secretary shall query the Committee members for their suggestions, concerns and recommendations in carrying out these duties. After receipt of any feedback from the Committee members, the Committee will be officially considered disbanded.

Admissions Committee.

This Committee was removed from the Bylaws with the express direction from the faculty:

"to require members to meet and develop a proposal during the coming year for a new standing or ad hoc committee or task force(s) focused on student success, engagement, etc."

Since this charge differs from the Committee's actual responsibilities as described in the previous Bylaws, we propose that the Dean establish an ad hoc committee for this academic year, with membership comprised of the Admissions Committee faculty. This committee would be charged with the above directive from the faculty, as well as any other relevant directives as the Dean sees fit. With the establishment of this ad hoc committee, the Admissions Committee will be officially considered disbanded.

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