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SABBATICALS (Article 22 of the CBA)

Chairs meet with eligible faculty to go over the timeframe for submission of sabbatical applications, which are due in the Dean’s Office by September 1 of the year prior to the sabbatical year. If there are questions concerning eligibility, chairs may contact Sally Knight. Chairs review sabbatical applications and complete the department chair’s portion, evaluating the sabbatical proposal. If the chair is submitting a sabbatical application, then another senior colleague must evaluate the request by completing the department chair’s portion.

  • Full sabbatical: one semester at 100% salary or two semesters (may be non-consecutive) at 77.3% salary.
  • Half sabbatical: one semester at 77.3% salary.
  • Tenured associate and full professors may apply for their first sabbatical in their sixth year of full-time (.75 FTE or more) service.
  • Tenure-track assistant professors may apply for an initial sabbatical in their sixth year of full-time service. Approval of the sabbatical is contingent upon a successful tenure review.
  • Lecturers who have completed six years of full-time service out of the last eight years may apply for an initial sabbatical during their sixth year if they are applying for promotion to senior lecturer. Approval of the sabbatical is contingent upon promotion to senior lecturer.
  • After completion of a sabbatical leave, faculty are eligible for another full sabbatical after completion of six years of full-time service and for a half sabbatical after three years of full-time service.
  • For one-semester full sabbaticals, the non-leave semester shall count toward the six years of accumulated service.
  • If a sabbatical is split into two nonconsecutive periods, the six years’ service requirement for eligibility for a future sabbatical will begin at the conclusion of the first period of the split sabbatical.
  • Time spent in other types of approved leaves shall not count toward accumulated service.
  • Time accumulated toward sabbatical leave at another institution may be counted toward sabbatical eligibility if specified in writing at the time of appointment or with the approval of the Provost.

Sabbatical Forms and Information

Faculty with sponsored projects must discuss plans with Sponsored Project Administration to determine if any sponsor prior approvals are required.

  • Faculty may request deferral of an approved sabbatical for up to two years. Requests must be in writing to the Chair, who will review the request and if approved, will forward it to the Dean for approval. The Dean will review the request and send a recommendation to the Provost, who will decide whether or not to grant the deferral and whether the time deferred will count toward future sabbatical eligibility.
  • If the deferral is at the initiation of the university, the time deferred shall count as service toward an application for a subsequent sabbatical.

Any substantial deviation from the approved sabbatical proposal must be approved by the Dean prior to the commencement of the sabbatical. Any such changes made during the sabbatical must be described in the final sabbatical report.

Due Dates:

Sabbatical applications are due in the Dean’s Office by September 1 of the year prior to the sabbatical year. Electronic versions of applications must be uploaded to SharePoint by the department chairperson and hard copy must be delivered to the Dean’s Office by September 1. Sabbatical applications are due to the Provost’s Office by October 1. The Faculty Senate Professional Standards Committee (PSC) only reviews sabbatical applications that are NOT recommended by the dean. All other applications go directly to the Provost’s Office without PSC review.

Sabbatical Key Dates:

Calendar of Sabbatical Key Dates FY 12

  • Faculty on sabbatical during the spring semester shall submit to their chair and dean a mid-sabbatical report that will be used as the basis for making determinations regarding performance increases. The absence of such a report will render the faculty member ineligible for consideration for an annual performance increase in the year of their sabbatical.
  • Faculty awarded a sabbatical leave are required to submit a written report to their chair and dean or director within 60 days of completion of the leave. Consult the Calendar of Key Dates on the Provost’s website.
Nota Bene:

A recipient of a sabbatical leave will be required to return to the university and serve at least one full academic year following the sabbatical leave, assuming such a position is offered to the faculty member by the university. Failure to fulfill this obligation shall require the full and immediate repayment of salary and benefits received from the university while on sabbatical leave, unless the faculty member and the university agree on alternative arrangements.

For eligibility and application information, contact Sally Knight.

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