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Start-Up Funding

Start-up funding provided to new tenure-track faculty members

For those newly hired tenured or tenure-track faculty with significant equipment needs, start-up funding is negotiated with the Dean. This is discussed in general terms prior to the search, and in specific terms when the final candidate has been identified. The agreement on the amount of funding, how it will be spent, and the years in which it will be disbursed will be included in the appointment letter to the new faculty member*. The funding for IT equipment for the new faculty member is contained within the start-up package.

For those newly hired tenured or tenure-track faculty without significant equipment needs, the College will fund the purchase of information technology equipment. Click here for information about this allowance.

New faculty members will select the computer platform that most closely meets their needs from a menu developed by the Arts and Sciences Computing Services Office. Generally this menu will include MacOS and Windows based desktop and laptop computers available from our on campus reseller, Microcomputer Services.

* An itemized summary of start-up needs, by year, should be attached to the "College of Arts and Sciences Addendum" to the "Approval to Make an Offer Request."

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