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Moving Expenses

Moving expense policies and procedures

The College will pay to assist with relocation expenses for each newly appointed tenured or tenure-track faculty member. Please refer to offer letter for exact amount allocated to your faculty member. This sum may be augmented by the department if funds are available.

The College of Arts and Sciences will reimburse new faculty members for relocation expenses identified in the University relocation policy. Examples of such expenses include: the cost of a commercial moving company, do-it-yourself truck rental, mileage or fuel expense for rental truck, packing materials, storage costs, and lodging in transit. Other costs may be reimbursable, though IRS regulation considers them subject to taxation. Examples of these are: meals during relocation and house-hunting trip expenses. The relocating faculty member should submit receipts within 30 days of the move, accompanied by the completed "Relocation Expense Reimbursement Form" available at the link below.

UVM Relocation Policy and Forms

Please contact the CAS Business Office with questions.: or 802-656-3166

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