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CAS Course Registration and August Orientation

Since you are unable to attend June Orientation, we are here to assist you with course registration.

First, explore the Getting Started at UVM tab. This comprehensive site covers a wide variety of topics and can serve as a ‘to do’ list. Please take both placement tests – Math and Foreign Language. The AP Course Comparability Guide will indicate which tests UVM will accept and the corresponding credit awarded. Specific questions may be directed to the Office of Transfer Affairs at 802 656-0867. If you will be bringing Advanced Placement credit with you, be sure to have a set of your official scores sent to:

University of Vermont, Office of the Registrar, 360 Waterman Building, Burlington, VT 05405

Next, click on Understanding Degree Requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Unit channel. This will illustrate information on the building blocks (distribution, major, and minor requirements) of your degree program. You will also find information on each of our 40+ majors and 70+ minors.

The UVM Catalogue, perhaps your most vital resource, can be found online in the Course Registration Information channel on your home page. Review specific information regarding available majors and minors along with brief descriptions of introductory courses. Click on and go to the left side bar to Majors and Minors to read what is offered. The PDF comprehensive version of the UVM Catalogue is also available on that web page.

If you are an undecided major, you are in good company. Approximately 30-40% of incoming students in CAS are undecided. There’s no rush; many students take time to explore all of the academic offerings in the liberal arts: humanities, social sciences, fine arts and natural sciences.

Now it’s time to think about which courses you will be taking in the fall. In the Fall 2013 Schedule of Courses (SOC) courses are listed in alpha order with meeting times and days indicated (R is Thursday). Many courses offer a variety of sections to choose from. Pay special attention to the 5-digit CRN number assigned to each course. You will use this CRN number when registering. Because some courses are not offered to first-year students, check the right sidebar on each SOC page for pre-requisites and other restrictions. Courses with a Z or OL designation are not available to you.

About 85% of incoming students enroll in a TAP (Teacher Advisor Program) seminar or apply to one of the Yearlong Integrated Programs. Both options offer classes with an interactive experience as well as a strong advising component. The full-year programs provide learning in and outside of the classroom, as students are required to live together. You may only select one of these options. Either way, they serve as an invaluable part of a student’s first-year on campus.

If you need help in creating your fall schedule, we’ll be happy to arrange a phone advising appointment. Please call the CAS Dean’s Office at 802 656-3344 between 8:00 and 4:30 EST to schedule your appointment. You will be assigned a date and time and will be contacted by an advisor from our office. Appointments are available beginning Monday, July 8th through Friday, August 16th. Prior to this appointment, you must take both the Foreign Language and Math Placement tests. Be ready with a list of courses and all of your questions.

Students in some majors, mostly in the natural sciences, may have been block scheduled for two or three courses already, such as Biology and Chemistry. If this is the case, you will only need to choose two or three additional courses. You may view your schedule by going to the My Schedule tab.

In early July, you will receive information regarding August Orientation, scheduled for Friday, August 23rd. At this session, you will review and finalize your course schedule with an academic advisor.

I wish you a wonderful summer and hope your transition to the University of Vermont is an enjoyable and exciting one. We look forward to your arrival on campus.


Lise Larose, Student Affairs