Veiled Geography: Impermanent Drawings

Veiled Geography

The recent work by artist Renee Van Der Stelt will be on exhibit through February 26 in the UVM Francis Colburn Gallery, Williams Hall, third floor.

According to the artist, “My work explores how a drawing can affect and shape space. How do we think about space, and how are conceptions of space informed by our knowledge of such things as maps and satellite images?

“Much of the work seen in this exhibition was produced in 2008 and 2009 while living in Roswell, New Mexico. The work focused in part on revealing hidden mineral resources available in the geographic region: specifically the location of water, oil, gas, and electric lines. The desire to understand complex systems of local and global human interaction with natural resources is what lies behind some of the abstracted drawings/sculptures. When seen next to each other, the pieces attempted to give the viewer a broader understanding of the Southwest.”

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