Professor Wolfgang Mieder Receives the 2012 Robert V. Daniels Award

Luis Vivanco and Wolfgang Mieder The UVM Global and Regional Studies Program is proud to announce Professor Wolfgang Mieder as this year’s recipient of the Robert V. Daniels Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Education.  Professor Mieder, pictured at left shaking hands with Luis Vivanco, director of the Global and Regional Studies Program, is a scholar of German and international folklore, the history of the German language, the Middle Ages, and is one of the world’s leading paremiologists.  He also served as chair of the UVM Department of German and Russian from 1977 until 2008.


Wolfgang Mieder with students The Global and Regional Studies Program recognizes Professor Mieder as a renowned and much beloved teacher and mentor.  Mieder has impacted deeply countless students in his home department and across the college, but especially in the European and Russian/East European Studies programs. He and his courses have been a pillar of the European Studies Program for decades, and, consummate university citizen that he is, he has been a major supporter and participant in the life of our international studies community – first with the Area and International Studies Program and then with the Global and Regional Studies Program as it is now known. His steady, constructive, and supportive engagement with this broader international studies community is something that is much appreciated by the program.

Professor Kevin McKenna, a colleague and close friend, cited one of Professor Mieder’s favorite medieval Latin proverbs – one that truly applies to Professor Mieder himself: “Bis dat qui cito dat” meaning “He gives twice who gives quickly.”  Whether helping his students or his colleagues at UVM and around the world, no one gives more of himself in helping others or does so as quickly and selflessly as Wolfgang Mieder.

The Robert V. Daniels Award
Established in 2004 in honor of Professor Emeritus of History Robert V. "Bill" Daniels, the award celebrates the achievements of UVM's most distinguished scholars and teachers of international studies. Previous recipients include Professor Emeritus of History Robert V. Daniels (2004), Professor Emeritus of History William Metcalfe (2005), Professor Emeritus of Economics Abbas Alnasrawi (2006), Professor Emeritus of History Peter Seybolt (2007), Professor André Senécal (2008), Professor Kevin McKenna (2009), Professor George Moyser (2010), and Juefei Wang (2011).