University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Lab Support Protocol

The College has an extremely small IT support staff responsible for a very large number of people. Because of this, we must ration the amount of support time available over all of our computer labs. In order to provide support for our computer labs in the most efficient manner, we ask that our departments with computer labs follow this protocol:

First Tier Support - Host Department

We expect the host department to provide first tier support to the faculty and students using the lab. We define first tier support as the following:

  • Resolving login and password issues.
  • Answering questions regarding usage of software provided in the lab.
  • Answering web browser or email related questions.
  • Assisting students in completing class assignments as given by faculty using the lab.
  • Managing and scheduling lab monitoring staff, if any.
  • Physically securing the lab and all its contents from theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Escalating unresolvable issues to A&S Computing Services for resolution including detailed information such as the particular machine, person involved, steps to replicate the problem, etc.

Second & Third Tier Support - A&S Computing Services

A&S Computing Services will provide second and third tier support to all departmental computer labs covered by this program. We define second tier support as the following:

  • Resolves problems not resolved by first tier support
  • Coordinates lab replacement scheduling, testing and procurement
  • Provides first tier training on basic lab functionality.

Third tier as:

  • Selection, purchase and initial configuration of lab computers.
  • Coordination between host department faculty, Microcomputer Services, other University service providers (e.g., Network Services, Physical Plant, etc.) and third party vendors.

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