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Policies & Guidelines

Below is an outline of responsibilities and related policies for both parties to this agreement: the "Host Department" (i.e. the CAS department to which this lab belongs) and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Host Department responsibilities:

  1. A host department cannot increase or reduce the number of workstations in a given lab without consulting with CAS Computing Services
    • The replacement budget for a lab is based on the number of workstations in it. If a department buys additional machines for a given lab then when it's time for the lab to be replaced the budgeted amount won't cover the new total number of workstations. Please see the computer lab listing to confirm the number of workstations this agreement covers in your lab space.
    • Our lab management model only works if all the computers in the lab are 100% identical. To ensure homogeneity all the computers for the lab must be purchased at the same time and from the same vendor. All purchasing is done by the Dean's Office.
  2. The host department must identify a permanent employee of their department who assumes the following responsibilities:
    • Acts as the primary liaison between the department faculty using the lab and A&S Computing services including communicating key deadlines for revisions, upgrades and replacements.
    • Provides first level support to the students and faculty using the lab. See "Support" for more information on what this entails.
    • Provides a secure storage space for software and important documents pertaining to lab management.
    • Maintains general lab security (locked doors, authorized users only, etc.).
    • Will train others on use and maintenance of the lab and its equipment and on the support protocol.
  3. In years when the lab is due for replacement, the department will provide workload adjustments to key personnel in order to allow for testing over summer break. See the Replacement procedure and schedule page for more information.
  4. The department agrees to fund the following items:
    • Cost of any required software licenses beyond the basic operating systems of the computer and Microsoft Office including any ongoing subscriptions or maintenance agreements.
    • Cost of peripheral hardware such as scanners, external drives, cameras, digitizing tablets, printers, cabling, etc.
    • Cost of repairing or replacing any stolen, lost, damaged or out of warranty equipment not covered by applicable insurance.
    • Cost of expendables: ink, toner, paper.
    • Cost of maintenance on peripheral equipment not covered by warranty.
  5. The department agrees to provide usage reports soon after the end of each semester, providing the information outlined on our "Usage Reports" information page.

College of Arts and Sciences responsibilities:

  1. The College agrees to fund the following items:
    • Cost of computers as per an agreed upon replacement schedule including CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
    • Cost of Microsoft Office for each computer (currently "free" under the UVM wide Microsoft Campus Agreement).
  2. The College will provide IT assistance during the lab replacement process including:
    • Selection of appropriate equipment
    • Pricing of software at available educational discounts
    • Coordination of various third parties such as Network Services, A&E services.
    • Initial testing of computer configurations and coordination of in depth department faculty testing.
  3. The College agrees to provide second tier support to those using the lab as defined on our support pages.

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