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Computer Lab Change Policy

Due to the fact that A&S Computing Services is a very small unit responsible for a very large number of clients, we cannot offer as much flexibility as we'd like when it comes to maintaining our computer teaching labs.

Software changes at a rapid rate, faculty needs change only slightly less rapidly. We acknowledge that we must provide some level of upgrade and revision support in our labs, but can only do so with the cooperation of our host departments.


  • All requests for software changes, upgrades, revisions, etc must be made at the end of each Spring semester before Commencement.
  • Host departments must purchase enough licenses for additional software or software upgrades to legally install a copy on each managed computer in the lab.
  • Any additional software or upgrades must be purchased and delivered to A&S Computing Services before the end of the Spring semester.
  • Host departments agree to provide testing by the faculty member who intends to use the software or by a designee well before the beginning of the following Fall semester (at least two weeks). This allows us enough time to fix any glaring issues.
  • Host departments should instill a discipline in their faculty similar to that used in the purchasing of textbooks: decisions regarding software must be made at around the same time that textbook orders are returned to the Bookstore and, like the Bookstore, changes in the later stages of the process are difficult to impossible.
  • Any and all non-emergency lab upgrades, additions, replacements, etc will occur over the summer break and will be available for the following Fall semester.


Although we strive to avoid catastrophic issues through ample testing and collaboration, problems will happen. If there is an issue in a lab that makes it impossible to teach using the lab equipment we will regard this issue as an "emergency." A&S Computing Services will then use every means at our disposal to rectify the problem as promptly as we can. The host department should be aware that resolution may require additional funding and substantial lab downtime.

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM