University of Vermont

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CAS Computing Services


  • Essentially unlimited storage space (but don't abuse it)
  • Students as well as faculty and staff have their own personal storage space
  • Is also the home of your personal website

Everyone at UVM is assigned a UVM netID. This netID is used as your email account, authenticates you as a UVM affiliate for many databases and applications you use every day (Peoplesoft, your Active Directory joined Windows computer, UVM Blogs, LimeSurvey, MyUVM, webmail, Banner, etc.)

In addition your UVM netID gives you access storage Zoo file server system.

There are no quotas enforced, you can essentially store as much as you want. However, this is a cooperative environment so we ask that everyone be respectful of others and only use this disk space for UVM-related storage needs.

Documentation from ETS on how to connect to your Zoo home directory

The Zoo filespace is also where you can set up your own personal website. Information on this can be found in the UVM webguide.

Note: students and employees who leave UVM have approximately one year from graduation or date of departure to move their stored files out of their personal Zoo storage space before those files are deleted. You will receive ample warning of your account expiration via email alerts sent to your UVM inbox.

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM