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CAMPUS Active Directory via a WWW Browser

You can also use a web browser on any Internet connected computer to access your Active Directory files.

  • Start any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.
  • In the Location field, enter the following URL:
    (NOTE that this is a secure site and thus you have to enter https, not just http)
    and press Enter or Return.
  • The browser will request your UVM netID and password:
    Standard login window
    Enter your UVM netID and password, then click Ok.
  • The following window will appear:
    super webfiles file listing

Click Help for detailed instructions but basically this is a GUI environment that allows upload, download, deletion etc. mostly via right or control clicking and drag and drop. You cannot manage file permissions from here, nor can you directly open files from here via a double click.

Note that students will not see "Files-Home" or "Files-Shared" and that this is NOT a method by which students can access a shared directory to which they have been granted permissions.

Additionally, and somewhat confusingly, "Zoofiles-Webpage" points to your public_html folder (i.e. where your personal website is) which is actually a folder underneath "Zoofiles-Home". This was added simply because many people are connecting to Zoofiles solely to edit their personal website.

Note that using webfiles does NOT require first logging in via the UVM VPN client. Please be careful when using computers in public places.

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM