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Campus Active Directory domain

  • 10 Gigabytes of personal storage space
  • Integrated into domain joined Windows computers
  • Files are backed up extremely regularly and can be restored easily should disaster strike
  • Faculty and staff only, students do not get personal storage space here although they can log in and they can access shared directories from on campus.

Active Directory (AD) is a networking structure based on Microsoft's Windows Server platform. Every permanent UVM employee has access to 10 gigabytes of personal space on the Active Directory servers to store personal documents. Since this isn't a very large quota, we ask that people store only important documents and not music, video or digital images. Those sorts of files can be stored on the local hard drive and backed up to external storage instead.

Active Directory has the advantage of being built into Windows and therefore using AD can appear seamless if your computer is joined to the domain. If you're using a joined Windows computer, all you have to do is log in to the machine using your UVM netID and password, and your documents will appear within My Documents, no matter whose machine you logged in from.

MacOS computers can still access Active Directory storage, it's just not as fully integrated into the operating system as it is for Windows computers.

The CAMPUS domain also supports shared directories. These usually correspond to a particular department and are intended as storage spaces for departmental archives, documents needed by many within a given department, or documents intended to be worked on in a collaborative manner. Shared directories have a much larger disk space quota which varies depending on departmental need.

Documentation from ETS on how to connect to your Campus Active Directory storage space

For more information on CAMPUS Active Directory, please visit their sharepoint website.

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