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You have files you want to back up. You want to work from home, or while travelling, as well as when you're in your office. Here's how.

As IT support for the College of Arts and Sciences, we are continually asked questions about the best ways of moving files from point a to point b, how to securely back up important documents, and how to access files from home, from the office, or when travelling.

You have two different storage spaces available to you (Active Directory and Zoo). Here are directions on accessing each, starting first with the storage location.

Note: All of these connection methods, with the exception of webfiles using a web browser, will require that you first log into the UVM VPN client if you are off campus. Usability is highly variable and dependent on network speed and thus mapping network drives from off campus is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Storage Locations

Active Directory

10 Gigabytes of personal storage, integrated into your Windows computer, also the home of your departmental "shared directory". Accessible from pretty much anywhere on the Internet and via several different methods.

NOTE: Students do not get personal storage space under Active Directory, but they can authenticate to AD and they can be given permissions to departmental shared directories for workstudy purposes, etc. Students will have to manually map drive connections to shared directories. Students cannot use to access shared directories.


Essentially unlimited storage, slightly less directly integrated with your Windows computer, equally accessible, available to faculty, staff and students.

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