University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Computer Replacement Program FY 2015

CRP Policies and Guidelines

  • Computing Services can and will purchase replacement computers for eligible faculty and staff when the following conditions exist:
    • The current machine is out of warranty
    • The current machine is eligible for replacement in the upcoming CRP
    • The cost of repairing the old machine exceeds what is reasonable given the age of the machine.
  • Computing Services selects a standard configuration on both the MacOS and Windows platforms. In general, variation from that standard configuration is discouraged. Exceptions can be made in special cases when justified.
  • The department is responsible for providing legally licensed, application software for these computers beyond the included Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). This software must be compatible with the operating system provided with the replacement computer.
  • The department is required to provide an active connection to the Campus Network for each of these computers, or other network devices, should one not presently exist. Depending solely on UVM wireless networking is strongly discouraged.
  • Computers purchased with University funds are to be used in accordance with Section 4 of the College's general Computer Policy. Laptop computers purchased with University funds are only to leave campus on a temporary basis.
  • All funded items are purchased, delivered and installed by CAS Computing Services Office or a designee (such as Microcomputer Services). Microcomputer Services will contact the main office of each department to arrange for delivery of their new computer. If a given faculty member is not on campus during the delivery period, please make arrangements to allow Microcomputer Services access to his/her office.

Please note our additional policy statements for further information regarding Information Technology in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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