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CAS Computer Replacement Program FY 2015

CAS Replacement Program Information for Chairs and Directors

DEADLINE for submissions to CAS Computing Services is Friday, December 4, 2015

Dept Chair and Admin responsibilities
  1. Review the list of eligible computers sent to you from CAS Computing.
  2. Provide any missing information and/or make additions to our listing for those people you feel CAS Computing has overlooked.
  3. Make sure that your eligible faculty and staff know that they must confirm their configuration to be considered for replacement.
  4. If additional information is needed, or you have additions to our list of eligible people, please modify the report you were sent and upload it to the CAS Computing Sharepoint site: Box
Standing Policies
  • One College purchased computer per eligible person. Eligiblity is based upon the most recently purchased computer paid for by UVM funds.
  • This is a replacement program; old computers are returned to CAS Computing.
  • Computers for people, not for empty positions, temporary employees (including workstudies), student use or labs
    Please list those people not directly eligible for replacement funding on the "second sheet" of the replacement request form. We will try to accommodate as many needs as possible out of recovered equipment.
  • Computers cannot leave campus except temporarily
    Obviously in the case of laptop computers, a given computer will leave campus from time to time. However, our Microsoft Campus Agreement requires that we use Enterprise versions of Windows and Office, both of which will expire if not returned to campus at least every six months. In addition there is a security liability in the form of FERPA protected student information on these computers and the more these machines are away from campus, the more likely they are to be lost or stolen.
  • CAS Computing provides one each of all adapters necessary to use the computer in the average office and classroom. All other peripherals and extras are at departmental expense. If any of the provided adapters are lost, replacements are at individual or departmental expense.

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