Department Phone & Email

Policy Statement

In order to ease internal and external communication with College of Arts and Sciences departments and programs, all such entities must:

Reason for the Policy

Our lifeblood is communication between and amongst students, faculty, staff and administrators. The first step for any of our constituents is to determine whom to call, email or write. If we provide our constituents with a standardized location for general contact information, then we've given them that first step.

At present, the information we provide is inconsistent, often resulting in frustration being the first experience of someone trying to connect with a department or program in our college.

Many departments do not clearly designate one phone number as "main" or "general" so that callers may be unsure as to whether they're calling the person most able to help them.

Many departments list individual email addresses instead of one "main" email address, adding to the uncertainty.

Additionally, listing individual personal email accounts as a primary departmental contact means that mail won't be answered during vacations, and departmental email will need to be extracted from personal email when positions turn over.
Lastly, as a division, we do not consistently provide our departmental contact information on our web sites in an easy to find location.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all academically oriented departments and programs within the College of Arts and Sciences. We also encourage other non-academic entities (outreach programs, grant funded projects, etc.) to follow these standards.

Policy Elaboration
Main Phone Number

Every College department or program must designate a single phone number as their "main" number. This number should have the following attributes:

Departmental email address
Contact Us information on every web site

Every department should have the following information either on the root (i.e., first) page of their website or below a "Contact Us" main menu item on the left hand menu:

Outgoing departmental email

Email sent as coming from the department in general, as in mail merges to large blocks of recipients: majors, incoming students, departmental alumni, etc.

Designate a main phone number

To designate a main phone number

Establish a departmental email address

To establish a departmental email address

Add Contact Us information to every website

To standardize the Contact Us information within the College:


CAS Computing Services - 656-7971 or

Account Services, 656-2006 or

Effective Date: September 2, 2008