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helpSo you've got a computer problem.

If you are a faculty, staff, or funded graduate student of the College of Arts and Sciences, you may request assistance with any computer-related issue by connecting to our online system. Here's how:

Enter a Help Request
  1. Start up any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  2. Enter the following URL in the available location field in the browser:
  3. Enter your UVM netID in the field marked "UserID".
    Your UVM net id is the same as your email account. Note that this is NOT your email address, there isn't any "@" sign, nor should there be any server or domain names (i.e. no or Nor is the UVM netID your first name.last name email address. If you are unsure of what your UVM netID is, look yourself up in UVM's online directory. Your UVM netID is at the bottom of your directory entry, under "UVM Network ID:".
  4. After you've successfully logged in, you will see a new request form. Fill out the form as best you can, Title and Description are required.
  5. Click Go to submit the request.
    Someone from our office will be back in touch with you by the next business day, usually sooner.

If you are unable to start up a web browser or are having difficulty with your network connection, you can of course contact us via the usual analog means:
Telephone: 802-656-7971

HOWEVER, please use one contact method and one only, opening multiple threads with us does not resolve your problem any more quickly and in fact makes it more difficult for us to help you.

We have recently begun offering remote support for on campus clients via SimpleHelp. This service is offered only during normal business hours by appointment. Feel free to use our Simplehelp connection page if you have been instructed by one of us to do so.

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM