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New Faculty Computer Startup

Incoming full time faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are provided with a new computer from our list of selected configurations.

The Process
  • Make sure that you have email or telephone contact information for your incoming faculty so that we may contact them before they arrive on campus (i.e., during the summer). CAS Computing services will request this information from you, and will contact your incoming faculty directly with a list of recommended configurations. New faculty may consult with Computing Services immediately after they have been officially hired to discuss their computer needs.
  • Make sure that what the faculty member selects is a supported configuration (i.e. purchased from Microcomputer Services and running a supported OS) and is a complete package (i.e., all required peripherals and software have been selected as well as the computer). Also make sure that the faculty member is following departmental computer policies and is in compliance with any departmental IT strategic plan. For example: we discourage the use of personal printers. Instead departments should provide conveniently located network printers for their faculty to use. It is therefore inappropriate for an incoming faculty member to request a personal printer in a department with an available network printer.
  • Incoming faculty convey their selections directly to CAS Computing Services by the deadline included in the mailing.
  • CAS Computing will then make a group purchase and will set up the new machine well in advance of the start of the semester.
  • Should a faculty member have requirements not met by our list of selected systems, that person should discuss these needs with CAS Computing Services.
  • The computer must be a supported model and operating system purchased from our on campus computer reseller, Microcomputer Services.
  • The computer purchased by CAS Computing Services will be used for administrative, teaching and advising purposes, not research unless it is the sole machine available to the incoming faculty member. The intent of this is to avoid buying computers that end up connected to an instrument somewhere and not used daily by the new faculty member.
  • The Department is responsible for ensuring that a wired UVM campus network connection is available for each full time faculty member.
  • If the faculty member has selected a portable computer configuration, that computer should be in their possession when they are on campus.

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