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Policies related to the Information Technology Annual Purchase (ITAP) Program

Policy Statement

The IT Annual Purchase (ITAP) is the method by which the College maintains its investment in Information Technology equipment and software using central College funds. In general practice, ITAP funds are used to replace aging or obsolete microcomputers (which is the item most needed by the majority of faculty and staff). This document outlines policies related to this program.

Reason for the Policy

The personal computer is the tool most often used in performing the duties of the average College of Arts and Sciences employee, whether faculty, staff or administrator. The IT Annual Purchase program was established in 1991 in order to ensure that the majority of our employees have usable equipment and to increase the reliability of the machines deployed and supported in the College. In order to ensure that the replacement process is carried out in an equitable manner, various policies must be in place.

Applicability of the Policy

The ITAP program is open to all base-budget staff and full-time faculty (as defined by the current UA contract).
Only computers currently used by eligible employees for teaching, advising and administrative purposes are eligible.


Not every College employee is eligible for a computer through the ITAP program. Likewise, not every computer used in the College is eligible for replacement through the ITAP program either. The following are our policies in regard to eligibility:

Eligible Personnel:
  • All base-budget staff
  • Full-time faculty (as defined by current UA contract)
  • In some cases, machines may be purchased for positions that are deemed permanent even when the people holding those positions are temporary (e.g., Lecturers on a one-year contract), or for permanent positions currently unoccupied (e.g., open departmental coordinator positions.)
Eligible Computers:
  • Out of warranty and at least 4 years old.
    Computers that are nearing the end of their expected usable lifetime. Precise eligibility configurations are established for each year's ITAP program.
  • Used as a primary computer for teaching, advising or administrative purposes.
    Computers used primarily for research are not eligible. We expect computer use for certain activities necessary to the operation of the College and one of the purposes of the ITAP program is to facilitate these activities. This distinction is not clearly delineated for faculty and we recognize that many faculty use a single computer for their scholarly and creative activities as well.
  • Only ONE computer per person
    The College will replace and support only one eligible computer per eligible person.
  • Repurposed computers are NOT eligible.
    In some situations, a computer that has been replaced via the ITAP program may be re-purposed for use by someone not eligible for ITAP funding. Just because they have a re-purposed computer does not make them eligible for a replacement via the ITAP program. It is the goal of the College to ensure that all employees who need a computer to perform their duties have access to one.
Configuration Selection
  • CAS Computing Services will select four configurations from those currently available from Microcomputer Services; a laptop and desktop configuration each from Dell and Apple.
  • These standard configurations are chosen to fit the needs of the majority of users. Upon request, CAS Computing Services can accommodate those with needs outside the norm.
Departmental Responsibilities
    1. The department is responsible for providing appropriate, legally licensed, application software for these computers, with possible exceptions arranged prior to purchase. A current version of Microsoft Office is preinstalled on all computers purchased for faculty and staff.
    2. The department is required to provide an active connection to the campus network for each of these computers should one not presently exist.
Purchase, Delivery and Setup
    1. Machines are ordered from Microcomputer Services by CAS Computing Services
    2. Laptop machines are delivered to CAS Computing for setup
    3. Desktop machines are delivered directly to the users and set up via appointment with CAS Computing Services personnel.
    4. These computers are not to leave campus.
Exceptions out of cycle

If a computer used by an eligible person fails outside of our normal ITAP cycle, and is out of warranty, CAS Computing Services will make the determination whether the machine is worth repairing or not. If it's not worth repairing, then a replacement machine will be provided for that person at College expense in advance of the usual ITAP cycle. In order to ensure adequate funding for the actual ITAP, CAS Computing Services will limit the amount of funding available for these "emergency replacements" to 10% of the total available funding pool.


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Effective Date: September 2, 2008

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