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CAS Support for Non-UVM owned computers or UVM-owned computers in use off campus

Policy Statement

CAS Computing Services will only provide support for UVM-owned computers used by CAS faculty, staff and graduate teaching faculty on campus. CAS Computing Services will not support non-UVM-owned computers off campus, nor will they support UVM-owned computers in an off campus, non-UVM sanctioned network environment (e.g., a home network, public wireless access point off campus, etc.).

Reason for the Policy

CAS Computing Services is an extremely small support unit charged with the support of a large number of potential clients. We cannot afford to extend already extremely scarce resources to equipment that we do not own, did not purchase, do not maintain and cannot alter to suit current best security practices.

Applicability of the Policy

CAS Computing Services provides desktop computer (and associated systems) support for the faculty, staff and graduate teaching faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Policy Elaboration

CAS Computing Services will support:

  1. UVM owned computers in use on UVM campus.
  2. UVM owned computers in use off campus IF those computers are:
    1. UVM owned as per the definition below, AND are
    2. A laptop computer whose purpose is to be portable and taken with the user from location to location
      Off campus support is provided via email/telephone/footprints as best as CAS Computing is able. Hands on support is limited to ensuring the security of the system as per best practices, general functionality with regard to the original equipment configuration as originally delivered to the user, and network function on the UVM campus network.
  3. CAS Computing Services will not support:
    1. Non-UVM owned computers off campus regardless of whether UVM business is performed on the computer or not.
    2. UVM owned computers in use on non-UVM networks.

On campus - any building owned or rented by UVM or running an extension of the UVM campus network established and maintained by UVM Network Services

Off campus - any other location not covered by "On campus" above.

UVM-owned Computer - any computer purchased using UVM funds either base budget, endowment, gift, grant or sponsorship and which remains UVM property should the current user of said computer terminate their relationship with UVM.

Non-UVM-owned Computer - any computer that does not fall under the above, including machines purchased with UVM funds, which were then transferred to the current user as personal property either via reimbursement, purchase or gift.

Support - replacement, upgrade, "repair" of the software installed on the machine, troubleshooting of issues and referral to appropriate service providers should repair of said issue fall outside the abilities of CAS Computing Services.

Questions/disputes regarding this policy should be directed to Joel Goldberg, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences.


CAS Computing Services,, 802-656-7972

CAS Dean's Office,, 802-656-3166

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Effective Dates

Original Issue Date - Monday, April 10, 2006

Current Revision Date

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM