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Policy Statement

Although UVM, the College of Arts & Sciences and CAS Computing Services supports MacOS based computers on a par with Windows based computers, there are a significant number of reasons why departmental staff (particularly in smaller departments with only one Departmental Administrative Coordinator) must have a Windows based computer. Therefore as of the date of this policy, departmental administrators or staffpeople with job duties similar to those described below cannot request a MacOS X based computer through any of our purchasing programs.

Reason for the Policy

Many of our staff, particularly those in Business Manager, Dept Admin Coordinator or similar roles, rely heavily on centrally administered UVM applications such as Banner, Peoplesoft, ApplicationExtender, Sharepoint and R25. To a greater or lesser extent, these applications are written for Windows and Windows based browsers first and foremost. There are known and significant incompatibilities between these applications and MacOS and MacOS based browsers. These incompatibilities make it impossible or at least very difficult to perform many tasks and procedures required in the process of working within these applications.

Secondarily, those in a position to provide support to our administrative staffpeople, either within the College (e.g., student affairs staff helping department admins with Banner) or outside the College (e.g. the Peoplesoft helpdesk staff) are all using Windows based computers. If a department admin has a Macintosh, it will be very difficult for these offices to provide assistance.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all adminstrative employees within the College of Arts and Sciences who have a financial, student information, or other job function.

Policy Elaboration
  • We will not purchase MacOS based machines for staff who fall within the group above.
  • Nor will we purchase a MacOS based machine and configure it with Windows either via Bootcamp or via virtual machine software. These sorts of configurations have proven to be very fragile, complex and time intensive, making them the equivalent of supporting two or more "real" computers.

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Policy Date

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM