Gateway Courses by Major/Minor


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into History Major/Minor

Unlike many other disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of History has no single gateway course. We are a department whose faculty is drawn to the study of the past because they have a special interest in the history of a particular era or part of the world. We know that our majors and minors are drawn to history for the same reason. Thus, we offer a broad range of introductory survey courses, more than most other departments in the college. Prospective majors or minors are encouraged to examine the list of our survey courses and choose one or two that speak to their personal interests and concerns. Taking such courses in one's first year will provide the prerequisites for coursework at the intermediate and advanced levels.  A complete list of our introductory courses follows. None has a prerequisite.

HST 009 Global History to 1500 (fall)
HST 010 Global History Since 1500 (spring)
HST 011 History of the U.S. to 1876 (spring and fall)
HST 012 History of the U.S. since 1876 (spring and fall)
HST 015 Early Europe, 500-1648
HST 016 Modern Europe, 1648-Present
HST 021 Classical Greek Civilization (fall)
HST 022 Classical Roman Civilization (spring)
HST 035 History of India to 1750 (fall)
HST 036 History of India since 1750 (spring)
HST 040 African History to 1870 (fall)
HST 041 African History from 1870 to the Present (spring)
HST 045 History of Islam and Middle East to 1258 (fall)
HST 046 History of Islam and Middle East since 1258 (spring)
HST 055 History of China and Japan
HST 062 Colonial Latin American History (fall)
HST 063 Modern Latin American History (spring)
HST 065 History of Canada (fall)
HST 067 Global Environmental History
HST 068 Race and Nation in the U. S.
HST 095 Introductory Special Topics (spring and fall)

Historians study every aspect of humanity's past.  If you are interested in political or diplomatic history, you are encouraged to take courses in Political Science; if it's the history of science that interests you, take Biology, Chemistry, or Physics; if it's the history of ideas, then courses in English, Philosophy, and Religion would serve as excellent complements to your work in history.

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