Gateway Courses by Major/Minor

Global Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Global Studies Major/Minor

Global Studies, one of the nine areas of study in the Global and Regional Studies Program, is an interdisciplinary field whose primary focus is globalization-the social, political, economic, natural and cultural relationships that extend beyond the boundaries of nation-states.

Students wishing to pursue a Global Studies major or minor should take at least one of the following introductory-level courses which will count toward the major or minor and serve as a prerequisite for higher-level courses in the major.

ANTH 021 D2: Human Cultures
CDAE 002 D2: World Food, Population and Development
EC 040 D2: Economics of Globalization
ENVS 002 International Environmental Studies
GEOG 050 D2: World Regional Geography
GRS 001 D2: Introduction to Global Studies
HST 010 D2: Global History Since 1500
POLS 051 Introduction to International Relations
WLIT 020 D2: Literatures of Globalization

In addition, students should take a foreign language at the appropriate level.

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