Gateway Courses by Major/Minor

Environmental Sciences

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Environmental Sciences Major/Minor

The Environmental Sciences major spans multiple disciplines, but requires a solid foundation in fundamental science disciplines, such as Chemistry and Biology. Students interested in exploring the Environmental Sciences should enroll in the entry-level core course (ENSC 001) plus introductory Chemistry (CHEM 031/032) and Calculus (MATH 19/20) during their first year. Biology (BCOR 011/012 or BIOL 001/002) is also helpful to take the first year, but can also be taken sophomore year.

ENSC 001 Introduction to Environmental Science (offered fall and spring semesters)

Designed for students interested in the science of the environment. The discipline of environmental science, how human activities have affected ecological systems and how scientific knowledge and principles can be used to solve environmental problems.

CHEM 032 Introductory Chemistry (spring semester only)

The second semester of a two-semester introduction to Chemistry, designed for anyone planning on majoring in a science discipline. This semester covers more quantitative aspects of Chemistry, from thermodynamics to kinetics to equilibrium (solubility, acid/base, complexation) to electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry. CHEM 031 (fall semester only) is a prerequisite for this course.

MATH 020 Calculus II (offered fall and spring semesters)

The second semester of a 2-semester sequence required for the Environmental Sciences major. Techniques and applications of integration, polar coordinates, Taylor polynomials, sequences and series, power series. Prerequisite: MATH 019.

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