Gateway Courses by Major/Minor


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Economics Major/Minor

For those who have never had exposure to economic analysis, the following course provides a taste of what the field of economics is like.

EC 040 Economics of Globalization

This is an introduction to the economics of cross-border flows in human resources (migration), goods and services (trade), and capital.  Offered fall and spring; no prerequisites.

Additionally, the following two courses, emphasizing economic theory, are required introductions to the major or minor.

EC 011 Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduction to economic concepts, institutions, and analysis, addressing questions related to the economy as a whole, such as inflation and unemployment. Offered fall and spring; no prerequisites.

EC 012: Principles of Microeconomics

Study of economic decision-making by individual firms and households, emphasizing the role of markets. Offered fall and spring. Prerequisite: EC 011.

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