Gateway Courses by Major/Minor


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Chinese Major/Minor

First-year students who have taken CHIN 001/051 in their first semester should take CHIN 002/052 in their second semester:

CHIN 002 Elementary Chinese II

A study of Mandarin Chinese and a continuation of CHIN 001, designed to give the beginning student basic grammar and vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Offered in the spring only.

CHIN 052 Intermediate Chinese II

A continuation of CHIN 51, designed to help students finish learning basic Chinese grammar, and gain more vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Offered in the spring only.

Note: First-year students who studied Chinese in high school but have not taken CHIN 001/051 in the first semester (i.e., the fall semester) at UVM should contact the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures to arrange for a time to take a placement test at the end of the fall semester and enroll in the recommended language course.

While continuing to take Chinese language courses, students should also consider taking lower-division courses significantly related to China:

HST 055 D2: History of China and Japan

An introductory survey of the history of Chinese and Japanese civilizations from their Neolithic origins until the twentieth century.  Offered in the fall, this course satisfies the category 2 diversity requirement.

PHIL 010 Intro Philosophy: East & West

Introduction to the historical dialectic of philosophy by comparisons and contrasts between Chinese and Western traditions of philosophy. Offered in the spring.

REL 021 Intro Rel: Asian Traditions

Study of the Hindu, Buddhist, and East Asian religious traditions as expressed in their basic symbolisms, writings, practices, and cultural forms. Offered in the spring and the fall.

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