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Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Sociology Major/Minor

Sociology, the study of how relations between people shape life, is one of the great fields of inquiry of the modern era. UVM's Sociology faculty apply the sociological lens to everything from social class to race, from crime to the mass media, from aging to leisure. Sociology 1, Introduction to Sociology, is a good introduction to the field and is required of all majors and minors. Also, several other sociology courses with no or limited prerequisites can provide students with a good sense of the contours of a major in this field:

SOC 011 Social Problems

Introduction to sociology through detailed examination of a selected number of major structural problems characteristic of contemporary societies.

SOC 014 Deviance and Social Control

Analysis of the causes and consequences of social behavior that violates norms. Examines patterns of deviant socialization and social organization and forms of deviance control.

SOC 019 Race Relations in the U.S.

Analysis of racial prejudice, discrimination, and other dominant group practices directed toward Native-, Asian-, and African-Americans and their social movements for integration, accommodation, and separatism.

SOC 20 Aging: Change Adaptation

Individual and social meanings of aging and old age; physical, physiological, psychological, and sociological changes accompanying aging; individual, family, community, and societal adaptations to aging.

SOC 029 Sociology of the Family

Description and analysis of contemporary patterns in American sexual, marital, and familial behavior; their historical development, variants, and the evolving alternatives to traditional normative forms.

SOC 032 Social Inequality

Introduction to structured class inequality in the U.S., causes and consequences. Focus on wealth, prestige, and power. Inequalities of age, gender, and ethnicity also examined.

SOC 043 Survey of Mass Communication

The historical development of the socioeconomic, political, educational, and religious impacts of the press, film, radio, and television in American society.

SOC 057 Drugs and Society

Patterns of illicit drug distribution, use, abuse, and control in contemporary society. Examines the interaction of cultural, social, psychological, and physiological factors in prohibited drug-taking.

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