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Russian and East European Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Russian and East European Studies Major/Minor

The Russian and East European Studies (REES) major/minor  is one of the nine areas of study in the Global and Regional Studies Program, and comprises an interdisciplinary curriculum of language, literature, history, culture, politics, and economics courses. To major in Russian/East European Studies, beginning language students should enroll in Russian 001 in their first semester and continue courses in the language every semester thereafter. Incoming students with previous knowledge of the language should consult with one of our Russian instructors for placement at the appropriate level of language study. The following lists the sequencing of introductory and intermediate Russian courses:

  • Russian 001, Elementary Russian, offered fall semesters
  • Russian 002, Elementary Russian, offered spring semesters (prerequisite RUSS 001)
  • Russian 051, Intermediate Russian, offered fall semesters (prerequisites RUSS 001, 002)
  • Russian 052, Intermediate Russian, offered spring semesters (prerequisite RUSS 051)

As language facility increases over the course of beginning and intermediate Russian language levels, students will be encouraged to avail themselves of numerous opportunities to continue their Russian studies at any one of a number of Russian universities during either their junior or senior years. Students may also take advantage of study abroad opportunities in other East European countries.  The REES Program also assists its majors and minors in identifying appropriate internship programs during their final two years at UVM. Close mentoring by and collaboration with REES faculty over the years have resulted in numerous opportunities for our majors/minors to pursue rewarding career paths in a wide variety of disciplines upon graduation.

The two-track major in Russian/East European Studies (Option A) or Russian/East European Economics/Business (Option B) provides a firm foundation in language, literature (in translation or in the original), as well as regional/area information in economics, political science, sociology, and history for both Eastern Europe and the territories of the former Soviet Union. Option B also offers an interdisciplinary Individual Design Major in Russian/East European Studies and Business. The program of study must be planned with a member of the Russian/East European Studies Faculty.

Please visit the Program's website for a full listing of all requirements for the major and minor in Russian and East European Studies.

UVM students interested in exploring other cultures, studying abroad, or pursuing lives and careers in an increasingly interconnected world may be interested in The Global Village Residential Learning Community. One of the residential communities within the Global Village is the Russian House. Admission to the Global Village residential learning community is by application to Residential Life. The application deadline for upper-level (returning) students is typically in early March. Visit the Global Village website, for more information.

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