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Academic Introduction to the Major (AIM)


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Religion Major/Minor

All of our 000-level, introductory courses provide a good introduction to the major and minor. None of them have prerequisites, with the exception of REL 027-028, which require admission to the Integrated Humanities Program.

Introductory-level courses include:

REL 020: Introduction to Religion: Comparative

Comparison of diverse practices and beliefs from selected religious traditions and cultures.

REL 021: Introduction to Religion: Asian Traditions

Study of the Hindu, Buddhist, and East Asian religious traditions as expressed in their basic symbolisms, writings, practices, and cultural forms.

REL 023 - Introduction to Religion: Bible

Study of religious expressions as exemplified in biblical and related texts.

REL 026: Introduction to Religion: African Religions

Introduction to the study of religion with an emphasis on African religious beliefs, practices and experiences.

REL 029: Introduction to Religion: Global Religion

Study of the global dimensions of religion, including the impact of globalization on religious communities, and the effect of religious movements on global processes.

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