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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Latin American and Caribbean Studies Major/Minor

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program is one of the nine areas of study in the Global and Regional Studies Program.  As an interdisciplinary program its curriculum comes from cross-listed courses from other academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Spanish, French or Portuguese are required for students pursuing a major or minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Students should finish the sequence of language courses (001, 002, 051, 052, 101) as soon as possible. The Romance Language Department's webpage has a placement test for students who are unsure which course to take in Spanish or French.

The courses offered in the major vary from semester to semester, so students should consult the on-line schedule of courses on the registrar's page under "Latin American and Caribbean Studies" to see what courses are being offered in a given semester and to consult their advisor.

Many of the core courses of the major have prerequisites in their disciplines, so students should consider taking:

POLS 071 Introduction to Comparative Politics
ANTH 021 Human Cultures
HST 062 Colonial Latin America
HST 063 Modern Latin America
EC 011 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 012 Principles of Microeconomics

(These courses are not required)

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