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Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Major/Minor

The primary entry-point course into the Women's and Gender Studies major and minor is WGST 073. For the minor in Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies, the entry-point course is WGST075. Students in the major or one of the minors may also take WGST 101 to get a flavor of the major.

WGST 073 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

This course introduces some key concepts and methodologies in the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies. We seek to define the differences between biological sex and gender and to examine the ways in which individual and group identities and life experiences are shaped by gender. We also consider the ways in which gender interrelates with other social factors such as race, class and (dis)ability. The course entails a variety of disciplinary approaches to feminist scholarship, including readings from history, sociology, economics, cultural studies, and literature. No prerequisites. Offered spring and fall.

WGST 075: Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies

The course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies. We explore the history and contemporary significance of sexuality and gender identity. We also consider the wide range of experiences and self-understandings that are covered under the terms, "sexuality and gender identity," and how these are inflected by social factors, economic class, and other variables. Readings are from diverse fields, including philosophy, political science, sociology, and literature. No prerequisites. Ordinarily offered spring and fall.

WGST 101/SOC 122: Women and Gender in Society

Examination of the construction of gender with an emphasis on the relationship among gender, race, sexuality and class in contemporary society.  Prerequisites: WGST 073 or three hours of Sociology.  Offered spring and fall.

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