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Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Geology Major/Minor

Geology has two gateway courses, depending on whether a student gets excited about exploring the Earth in the fall or spring semesters.  In the spring we offer GEOL 062; in the fall semester the gateway is GEOL 101(descriptions below). Both of these courses are required for the B.A., B.S, and minor and are considered "core courses" in our Department.

Geol 062 Earth and Environments through Time

This course examines the evolution of the Earth, including the fossil record of life and evolution, changing climates and sea levels, and the origin of mountains. Present climate and sea level change is evaluated in the context of the geologic record of these events. Offered in the spring.

Geol 101 Field Geology

The geologic evolution of western Vermont as seen through actual field studies in the Burlington area. In this project-based course, students learn the skills of collecting geologic data in the field. In subsequent computer-based work, the data are analyzed and interpreted, including using computers for visualizations and presentation of results.  Offered in the fall.

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