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European Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into European Studies Major/Minor

European Studies is one of the nine areas of study in the Global and Regional Studies Program.  European Studies brings together a broad range of courses on the peoples and cultures of Europe. It offers students the opportunity to integrate work in history and the social sciences with the study of art, literature, languages, philosophy, and more.

The following introductory-level courses can provide an excellent gateway into the major and will fulfill major requirements. Many other options for introductory-level study of Europe exist as well, so be sure to ask and advisor about courses in your particular areas of interest.

HST015/016 Early Europe / Modern Europe

Taking either of these surveys of European history can provide an excellent grounding in the development of Europe's nations and cultural traditions. Fulfills the Humanities distribution requirement and counts toward the European History and Society category of the major.

European Language Study:

Complete your language distribution requirements by beginning or continuing your study of one of the European languages offered at UVM.  Courses will apply toward the foreign language component of the major.

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