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Academic Introduction to the Major (AIM)


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into English Major/Minor

The following course is an ideal entry point into a major or minor in English:

ENGS 085 Texts and Contexts

This is an introduction to the critical work of close reading, and is recommended for first-year students planning to major in English. It is offered only in the spring semester.

Many, indeed most, of the English Department's introductory courses (courses numbered 005-096) are also a fine introduction to the major.  In particular, we recommend ENGS 021 (Survey of British Literature I) and/or ENGS 022 (Survey of British Literature II), or ENGS 025 (Survey of World Literature I) and/or ENGS 026 (Survey of World Literature II) for students whose high school curriculum stressed American literature.  Conversely, we recommend ENGS 023 (Survey of American Literature I) and/or ENGS 024 (Survey of American Literature II) for students whose high school background might have included more British and World literature than American literature.

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