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Classical Civilization

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Classical Civilization Major/Minor

This major is especially useful for those who want to complete two or more majors. One should fulfill the language component of the major as soon as possible, preferably with Greek or Latin. Those interested in majoring in Classical Civilization should explore in the first two years the following courses:

Elementary and Intermediate courses in Greek and Latin include:

GRK 001 (Fall) or GRK 003 (Spring) or LAT 001 (Fall) or LAT 003 (Fall) or LAT 051 (Fall), or LAT 101 (Fall) [depending upon preparation].

CLAS 024 Myths and Legends of the Trojan War

Homeric epics, Virgil's Aeneid, selections from tragedy dealing with the Trojan War and Greco-Roman cultural identity. Examples from art and archaeology supplement the literary theme.  Offered in the Fall

CLAS 042 Mythology in Literature, Art, and Music

Greek myth in literature, art, and music from antiquity to modern times. No prerequisites.  Offered in the spring.

A number of Latin and Greek courses are also offered during the summer sessions. Check the catalogue for times and dates.

Other good courses for aspiring Classical Civilization Majors/Minors include:

CLAS 021 Classical Greek Civilization

A study of the "Golden Age of Pericles," the course covers the whole of Athenian society from art to war, culminating in the trial of Socrates.

CLAS 022 Etymology

Derivation of English words from Greek and Latin bases. Training in analysis of unfamiliar words, special attention to scientific vocabulary.

CLAS 023 Classical Roman Civilization

Growth of the Roman Empire; political and social disruption in the Roman world from the second century B.C.E., through the first century C.E.

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