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Academic Introduction to the Major (AIM)

Biology, Zoology, Neuroscience and Integrated Biological Science

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Biology, Zoology, Neuroscience and Integrated Biological Science Major/Minor

Students who would like to explore the discipline of biology, zoology, or integrated biological science should take the following courses:

BIOL 002 Principles of Biology

This is the second semester of a two-semester introductory course. The course provides an introduction to organismal biology and covers topics such as the nature of scientific inquiry, plant form and function, reproductive biology, pollination ecology; animal phylogeny, illustrated by comparative development, physiology, and ecology. This is a four- hour course with a laboratory component that reinforces the concepts learned in lecture and provides essential laboratory skills needed for subsequent experimental work in biology. This course has no prerequisites and can be taken before BIOL 001. Offered in spring.

BCOR 012 Exploring Biology

Students who have taken BCOR 011, or BCOR 095/012, can enroll in BCOR 012. In this course, students continue exploring the complexity of life through an evolutionary perspective by examining the patterns of inheritance and the role of natural selection in evolutionary processes, and exploring the evolution of biodiversity. Interactions of organisms with each other and with the abiotic environment form the basis for understanding the evolution of animal and plant form and function. This is a four-hour course with a laboratory component and has a co-prerequisite of CHEM 032. Offered in spring.  (Credit not given for both BIOL 002 and BCOR 012).

CHEM 032 Introductory Chemistry

Basic course in principles and concepts of general chemistry. Offered in spring.

In addition, students who may be considering biology, zoology, or integrated biological science as a major should take:

MATH 020 Fundamentals of Calculus II

Introduction to integral calculus with a wide variety of applications. (Credit not given for both MATH 14 and 20). Prerequisite: MATH 19. Offered spring and fall.

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