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Academic Introduction to the Major (AIM)


Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Biochemistry Major/Minor

Since the Biochemistry degree relies on coursework from other departments, there is no biochemistry-specific coursework required during the first year. At this point, students interested in a major in Biochemistry should consider taking the following courses

CHEM 036 General Chemistry

General chemistry for students with a strong background in physical sciences. Recommended for students concentrating in physical sciences. Prerequisites: One year of high school chemistry, concurrent enrollment or background in calculus. High school physics recommended; 31 or 35. Credits: 4. Offered in spring.

BCOR 012 Exploring Biology

Students continue exploring the complexity of life through an evolutionary perspective. We begin by examining the patterns of inheritance and the role of natural selection in evolutionary processes, leading into exploring the evolution of biodiversity. Interactions of organisms with each other and with the abiotic environment form the basis for understanding the evolution of animal and plant form and function. Offered in spring.

CHEM 040 Introduction to Research

Overview of methods, areas, and instrumentation of modern chemical researchm, including hands-on laboratory experiences and written and oral presentations of a research project. Prerequisite: score of 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry examination or permission of department.

 MATH 022 Calculus II

Techniques and applications of integration.  Polar coordinates, Taylor polynomials, sequences and series, power series.  Prerequisite: MATH 021.

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