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Asian Studies

Gateway/Entry-Point Courses into Asian Studies Major/Minor

Asian Studies is one of the nine areas of study in the Global and Regional Studies Program. The following language courses serve as a gateway into Asian studies for those students specializing in the study of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea). For those specializing in the study of South Asia (the India/Pakistan subcontinent) there is no foreign language requirement. The introductory courses in Chinese and Japanese offer instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. No prior knowledge of either language is required.

CHIN 001 Elementary Chinese

A study of Mandarin Chinese designed to give the beginning student the fundamental grammar and vocabulary for speaking, reading, and writing the modern national language. Offered in fall.

CHIN 002 Elementary Chinese

A continuation of CHIN 001. Offered in spring.

JAPN 001 Elementary Japanese

An introduction to spoken and written Japanese through aural-oral drills and grammar presentation. The three writing systems of Japanese (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) are introduced. Offered in fall.

JAPN 002 Elementary Japanese

A continuation of JAPN 001. Offered in spring.

In addition, the following basic courses are recommended:

ARTH 008- Asian Art (for students focusing on East or South Asia)

Introduction to the artistic tradition and major architectural monuments of India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Offered in spring.

HST 055 History of China and Japan

Introductory survey of main trends in Chinese and Japanese history from ancient times until the present day.

HST 035 A History of India to 1750

Introduction to the early history of the Indian subcontinent, focusing on the political, cultural, and religious forces that shaped the region before British colonialism (South Asia). Offered in fall.

HST 036 India since 1750

Introduction to the rich and complex history of modern South Asia, an area which now includes the modern nation states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma) and Bhutan. Offered in spring.

PHIL 003 Intro Philosophy: East & West (For students focusing on East Asia)

Introduction to the historical dialectic of philosophy by comparisons and contrasts between Chinese and Western traditions of philosophy. Offered in spring.

REL 021 Intro Rel: Asian Traditions

Study of the Hindu, Buddhist, and East Asian religious traditions as expressed in their basic symbolisms, writings, practices, and cultural forms. Offered spring & fall

There are, in addition, courses that specialize in the study of Asia in thriteen academic disciplines. Please consult the Asian Studies Program website or the UVM course directory for details.

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