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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is the heart of the University of Vermont in many respects. It is the largest of UVM's schools and colleges offering 47 majors. Read more about the opportunities waiting for you.

Teacher-Advisory Program (TAP): Performing the Greeks

Perfoming Lysistrata Most first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences begin the fall semester enrolled in a semester-long seminar course as part of the Teacher-Advisor Program or TAP, choosing from course titles that range from Nineteenth-Century Monsters (English) to Health Care in America (Sociology), from Gender and the Economy (Economics) to Global Climate Change and Sustainability(Geology). With over fifty courses to consider, it can be a daunting selection process for incoming students.

Little did the seventeen students who selected Laughter, Tears, and a Chorus: An Introduction to Ancient Greek Theater (Classics), know that part of the course would have them performing on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a staged reading of the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata with masks just as the Greeks did.  Read more.

A Closer Look at CAS

  • Marshall Distel, Geography Major, Spanish and Community/International Development Minors

    Throughout the course of his undergraduate career at the University of Vermont, Marshall has been most interested in studying methods to reduce car dependency, encourage sustainable patterns of development, and to promote alternative forms of transportation.

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  • Kelsey Vivian, Theatre and English Double Major

    Kelsey Vivian is a junior Theatre/English double major from West Greenwich, Rhode Island. She started off her first-year experience by enrolling in one of the Teacher-Advisor Programs (TAP) offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. During her time at UVM she has performed in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s A Grand Night for Singing (2014) and The Toys Take Over Christmas (2012).

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  • Kevin Santamaria, Economics and Political Science Double Major

    Kevin Santamaria was born in Bogota, Columbia, and moved to Miami, Florida two months before his seventh birthday. During his first semester at UVM, Kevin was encouraged by English professor Elaine Harrington to further develop his writing skills during his Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) course: Reading and Writing the News Media. Kevin also writes for the Vermont Cynic, UVM's student newspaper.

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  • Natalie Williams, History Major and English Minor

    During her time at the University of Vermont, Natalie has focused her studies on the contemporary history of the Americas. Her favorite class was History of Vermont because the material was very tangible—so much of what she learned in that class related to UVM’s campus or downtown Burlington. Natalie loved that she could pass buildings on the street and recognize them from slideshows from class and know their historical relevance.

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  • Erin Kerr, Geography Major, and Assistant Professor Pablo Bose

    In her sophomore year, Erin Kerr was awarded a Boren Scholarship to study in Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo during the 2012-2013 academic year. Kerr, a geography major, is in the Honors College and is currently participating in the Peace and Conflict Studies program through the School of International Training.

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  • Natalie Battistone, Classical Civilization Major

    Senior Natalie Battistone spent part of her junior year abroad in Russia, studying with the Moscow Art Theatre. Natalie wanted a study abroad experience that wasn’t solely about traveling, but about training in an intensive environment where she could study forms and styles not offered at UVM and bring that experience back to campus.

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  • Zoe McKenzie, Anthropology Major, and Associate Professor Deborah Blom

    Zoe McKenzie, class of 2013, began her UVM studies in the fall of 2009 as a declared anthropology major. In her introductory TAP physical anthropology class with Professor Deborah Blom, Zoe’s interests developed quickly for the field of bioarchaeology.

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  • Ty Williams, History and Political Science Double Major

    As a Vermont native and history buff, sophomore Ty Williams was always interested in the joint history of UVM and the state itself. Moreover, he felt a personal connection with the students, the staff, and the campus before he even was accepted to UVM.

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  • Nicole Ovregaard, Biology Major

    Nicole has been working on two emergency department research projects, one that looks at blood coagulation in trauma patients and another that involves cognitive therapy for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. After graduation she plans to continue to work as an EMT, possibly become a paramedic, and also prepare herself for medical school or physician assistant school.

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  • Eva Rouanet, Chemistry Major, and Associate Professor Matthias Brewer

    Eva Rouanet, class of 2014, came to UVM from Westford, Massachusetts, and enrolled as a chemistry major. Her first-year Introduction to Research course exposed her to research methods and hands-on laboratory experiences, which she feels have benefited her in her coursework.

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