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CAS Faculty Promotions and Research Awards

Dean Antonio Cepeda-Benito recently announced the names of the faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences who have been tenured and/or promoted. The work of these faculty members is testimony to the very high standards set in the college. Their records of scholarly and creative accomplishments, their success as teachers, and their contributions to their professions, the university, the college, and the community are impressive indeed.

Faculty members newly promoted to the rank of “full” are given the opportunity to share with the university community a single piece of their research or an overview of their research with the goal of communicating a sense of the excitement of the intellectual problems that have energized their careers. Cepeda-Benito looks forward to continuing the tradition of the CAS Full Professor Lecture Series, which was established in fall 2007, in the coming year.

Promotion to Professor

  • Emily Bernard, English
  • Jane Kent, Art and Art History
  • William McDowell, Art and Art History
  • Patrick Neal, Political Science
  • Kelly Rohan, Psychology

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Vicki Brennan, Religion
  • Steve Budington, Art and Art History
  • Tyler Doggett, Philosophy
  • Nikki Khanna, Sociology
  • Emily Manetta, Anthropology
  • Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh, Economics
  • Nicole Phelps, History
  • Scott Van Keuren, Anthropology
  • Hyon Joo Yoo, English
  • Frank Zelko, History

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

  • Adriana Borra, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  • Cami Davis, Art and Art History
  • Suzanne Drolet, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  • Ian Grimmer, History
  • Annika Ljung-Baruth, English
  • Cuong Mai, Religion
  • Lawrence Rudiger, Psychology
  • Stephen Schillinger, English
  • Alexander Wurthmann, Chemistry

New Department Chairpersons and Directors

  • Paul Deslandes, History
  • Robert Bartlett, Political Science
  • Richard A. Watts, Center for Research on Vermont

Lattie F. Coor Faculty Development Awards – Spring 2013

  • Mildred Beltré, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History.  Brooklyn Hi!: Art Machine
  • Paul Deslandes, Associate Professor, Department of History.  The Culture of Male Beauty in Britain, 1840’s – Present
  • Carmen Ana Pont, Lecturer, Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics.  La enamorada del muro (The Wall Lover)
  • D. Thomas Toner, Professor and Chair, Department of Music and Dance.  Invitation to the Fifth “Heavenly Sound of Grasslands” music festival at the Art College of Inner Mongolia University.
  • Kevin Thornton, Senior Lecturer, Department of History. Death in the Wilderness: A Love Story
  • Hyon Joo Yoo, Associate Professor, Department of English.  Travel to Seoul, South Korea to do research on an introductory book on Asian cinema.

Lattie F. Coor Research Assistantships – Spring 2013

  • Kelley Helmstutler Di Dio, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History.  Her Coor Research Fellow will help with preparations for her upcoming symposium, “Material, Manufacture, Meaning and Movement in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture.”
  • Sarah Nilsen, Associate Professor, Department of English.  Her Coor Research Fellow will help with compiling data for her current book project about the Disney Princess franchise. 
  • Jeanne Shea, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology.  Her Coor Research Fellow will help with preparation for her book manuscript on aging and caregiving in East Asia.
  • Denise Youngblood, Professor, Department of History.  Her Coor Research Fellow will help with preparation for her book project, “Sergei Bondarchuk’s War and Peace: From the Great Russian Novel to Soviet Cinematic Classic.”

RANSS – Research Awards in the Natural and Social Sciences – Spring 2013

  • Michele Commercio, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science.  Retraditionalization from Below: Women’s Attitudes in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan.
  • Lutz Kaelber, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology.  Commemoration of National-Socialist “T4-Euthanasia” Crimes and Their Victims at Memorial Sites in Germany and Austria.
  • Luis Vivanco, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology.  Culture, Politics, and Sustainability of Bicycle Transportation in Bogota, Columbia.

Dean’s Lecture Awards for 2013-2014

The following professors were chosen as recipients of the Dean’s Lecture Award for the upcoming academic year:

  • Garrison Nelson, Professor of Political Science, will present the fall 2013 Dean’s Lecture.
  • Emily Bernard, Professor of English, will present the spring 2014 Dean’s Lecture.

The members of the Dean’s Lecture Award Committee—Professors Ignacio Lopez-Vicuna, Nicholas Gotelli, Anthony Grudin, and Martha Thomas—were impressed by how well the accomplishments of both professors fit the requirements of the award: excellence in scholarship combined with the ability to translate it into stimulating teaching.  Each recipient of the Dean’s Lecture Award will receive $1,000 in research support.  Exact dates and lecture topics for each professor will be announced in the fall. 

APLE Summer Stipend Recipients

The 2013 APLE Summer recipients were recently chosen and will be awarded funding from the Dean’s office to work on summer research projects.  This year’s recipients are Samantha Berthelette and Alexandra Sullivan.  APLE Summer Stipends provide a summer salary of $3,000 for undergraduate students.  Typically, two stipends are awarded each year. 

Samantha will be doing research with Philosophy Professor Randall Harp to produce a co-authored paper as well as a single-authored paper by herself.  The title of their research project is Neuroscience, Volitional Agency, and Legal Responsibility.  Alexandra will be working with Psychology Professor Dianna Murray-Close.  They will be doing research on peer relationships, aggressive behavior patterns in males and females, and the focus of depressive symptoms.  Their project title is It’s Not Hot to Be Cool: Social Status Goals and Their Relationship to Depression.