University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

“Enhancing Excellence through Interdisciplinary Experiential Engagement” Grant Recipients Announced

The Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the recipients of the Interdisciplinary Experiential Engagement (IEE) initiative. This curricular enhancement program promotes the development of high-impact educational experiences that address questions or topics using an integrated multidisciplinary and “hands-on” approach to teaching. Whereas the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) already offers rich learning opportunities to UVM students, the initiative seeks to increase the range of offerings that (a) expose students to multiple disciplines in an integrated or linked fashion, and (b) include “real-world” learning experiences (i.e., service, internship, or research/creative components).

The selection committee received nine proposals and selected four for funding. The IEE initiative was offered not only to our committed teacher scholars, but our faculty could partner with faculty outside CAS to take full advantage of the resources that UVM provides as a major research university. Over a few years, the courses funded by this program will give hundreds of undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in amazing, hands-on learning activities, from looking at cancer cells under the microscope and putting together a plan of treatment for a cancer patient, to working side by side with faculty developing geo-visualization and geographic information systems (GIS) pedagogical activities, to interacting with community leaders in rural environments to provide them with solutions so that native ecosystems in Vermont will be sustained. IEE projects will inspire students to commit to lifelong learning and to prepare them to solve problems not yet imagined.

The titles and faculty of the selected proposals are:

  • A Biography of Cancer: Christopher Landry, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences; Christopher Francklyn, Biochemistry, College of Medicine.
  • Mapping Worlds: Geo-Visualization and Spatial Thinking across the Disciplines: Meghan Cope and Beverley Wemple, Geography; Abby McGowan, History; all College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Culture and Politics of Latin American Protest Music: Caroline Beer, Political Science; John Waldron, Romance Languages and Global Studies; Alexander Stewart, Music and Dance; all College of Arts and Sciences.
  • The Ethics of Food Systems: Tyler Doggett, Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences; Amy Trubek, Nutrition and Food Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.