University of Vermont

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In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Dean F. Stevens

Professor Dean Finley Stevens, a long-time member of the Zoology (now Biology) Department faculty, passed away in November, 2012 at the age of 89.  Dean received his undergraduate and graduate training at Boston University and Clark University, and taught and conducted research both at universities and major research laboratories including Boston University, the Worcester Foundation, and the famous Karolinska Institute in Sweden.  While at UVM he conducted important research on tissue and cell culture during the founding days of that important research effort, and was respected as a skilled microscopist and cell biologist.  Dean’s love and skill in teaching were appreciated by generations of students in courses in physiology (Biology 104 was required of all majors, but was made a must-see during Dean’s tenure in that course), and the Human Anatomy and Physiology courses for the nursing students. 

Dean was a gentle and scholarly man, and almost never spoke of his heroics during WW II when he fought through France, Germany, and central Europe and earned three battle stars for his bravery.  For many years he was an avid skier and fly fisherman, and teased his fellow faculty members with stories of the best fly fishing spots in Vermont that he held as close secrets.   Along with his colleagues in the department, Dean will be remembered with respect and fondness by hundreds of students.  Indeed, one faculty member has a beautiful display of ferns that Dean brought to his home as a house-warming gift 25 years ago that brings back those found memories every spring.