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Dean's Office Announces Faculty Promotions and Research Awards

College of Arts and Sciences Promotion Announcement Spring 2012

Interim Dean Joel Goldberg was pleased to announce the names of the faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences who have just been tenured and/or promoted, effective September 2012. . The work of these faculty members is testimony to the very high standards set in the college. Their records of scholarly and creative accomplishments, their success as teachers, and their contributions to their professions, the university, the college, and the community are impressive indeed.

Faculty members newly promoted to the rank of “full” are given the opportunity to share with the university community a single piece of their research or an overview of their research with the goal of communicating a sense of the excitement of the intellectual problems that have energized their careers. Goldberg looks forward to continuing the tradition of the CAS Full Professor Lecture Series, which was established in fall 2007, in the coming year.

Promotion to Professor
Dona Brown, History
Terence Cuneo, Philosophy
Jan Feldman, Political Science
Tony “Jack” Gierzynski, Political Science
Randall Headrick, Physics
David Massell, History
Alexander Stewart, Music and Dance
Kevin Trainor, Religion
John Yin, Asian Languages and Literatures

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure
Bryan Ballif, Biology
Thomas Borchert, Religion
Angeline Chiu, Classics
Michele Commercio, Political Science
Deb Ellis, English
Elizabeth Fenton, English
David Feurzeig, Music and Dance
Madalina Furis, Physics
Sayamwong “Jom” Hammack, Psychology
Eric Lindstrom, English
Dianna Murray-Close, Psychology
Paolo Pucci, Romance Languages and Linguistics
Shelly Rayback, Geography
Alessandra Rellini, Psychology
Rory Waterman, Chemistry

Felicia Kornbluh, History

Promotion to Senior Lecturer
Ernesto Ebratt, Romance Languages and Linguistics
Isabella Jeso, English
Rachael Montesano, Romance Languages and Linguistics
Angela Patten, English
Kevin Thornton, History

New Department Chairpersons
Deborah Blom, Anthropology
Tom Brennan, Art and Art History (beginning spring 2013; Lynne Bond will be Acting Chair this fall)
Val Rohy, English
Gregory Ramos, Theatre

Acting Chairs for AY12-13
Louis deRosset, Philosophy
Dale Jaffe, Sociology

In addition, we are pleased to announce the appointment of incoming President Thomas Sullivan as a tenured full professor in the Department of Political Science.

Lattie  F. Coor Faculty Development Awards – Spring 2012

  • Kathy Fox, Associate Professor of Sociology.  Project title – To study the "Circles of Support" pilot program (restorative juvenile justice program) in New Zealand.
  • Loka Losambe, Professor of English. Project title - A book on Postcolonial Constellations with the Imperial Order:  The Congo Narrative.
  • John Seyller, Professor of Art and Art History.  Project title – Consultations with Jagdish Mittal on a series of catalogues of Indian paintings in the Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art. 
  • Frank Zelko, Assistant Professor of History.  Project title –A book on the history of Greenpeace.

Lattie F. Coor Research Assistantships

Jeanne Shea, Associate Professor of Anthropology.  Her Coor Research Fellow will digitize and check interviews for final processing and entering of data into Atlis ti (a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data) for analysis. 

RANSS – Research Awards in the Natural and Social Sciences

  • Pablo Bose, Assistant Professor of Geography.  Research Project – A pilot study of resettlement outcomes for refugees in Vermont. 
  • Shelly Rayback,  Assistant Professor of Geography.  Research Project – Reconstructing past climate for northern New England using blue intensity analysis of red spruce (Picea rubens) tree-ring chronologies.
  • Alessandra Rellini, Assistant Professor of Psychology.  Research Project – The Effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone on Sexual Responses in Women with Comorbid Depression and Sexual Dysfunction. 
  • Scott Van Keuren, Assistant Professor of Anthropology.  Research Project – To investigate the social reorganization of the Ancestral Pueblo (or “Anasazi”) communities in the thirteenth-century American Southwest. 

RANSS Travel Awards

  • Robert Bartlett, Professor of Political Science – Prague, Czech Republic:  Present a paper, “Thinking Locally and Acting Globally:  A Deliberative Process for Democratic Norm Building." 
  • Elaine McCrate, Associate Professor of Economics, Women’s and Gender Studies – Stockholm, Sweden:  Symposium: “Flexibility for Whom?  Variable Schedules and Control of Working Time in North America and Europe.”  
  • Jim Vigoreaux, Professor of Biology – Salzburg, Austria: Present a paper, “Functional duality of insect flight muscle flightin: the convergence of power and sex.”
  • Frank Zelko, Assistant Professor of Environment Studies, History – Koprivnica, Croatia: Present a paper, “The Ecological Transformation of Rivers: The American and European Experience.”

Dean's Lecture Award for 2012-2013

The following professors were chosen as recipients of the Dean's Lecture Award for the upcoming academic year:

  • Robert Bartlett, Professor of Political Science, whose lecture will be on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 5:00 p.m. in Memorial Lounge
  • Valerie Rohy, Professor of English, whose lecture will be on Tuesday, March 12, at 5:00 p.m. in Memorial Lounge

This was the judgment of the Dean's Lecture Award Committee: Professors Ignacio Lopez-Vicuna, Patricia Riley, and Martha Thomas. The committee members were impressed by how well the accomplishments of both professors fit the requirements of the award: excellence in scholarship combined with the ability to translate it into stimulating teaching. Each recipient of the Dean's Lecture Award will receive $1,000 in research support. Exact dates and lecture topic for each professor will be announced in the fall.

APLE Summer Stipend Recipients

The 2011 APLE Summer recipients were recently chosen and will be awarded funding from the Dean's office to work on summer research projects. This year's recipients are Megan Lind and Daniel Rosenblum. APLE Summer Stipends provide a summer salary of $3,000 for undergraduate students. Typically two stipends are awarded each year.

Megan will be doing research with Biology professor Joseph Schall to study the genetic variation and geographic patterns for sand flies in the U.S.  The insects are important vectors of several human parasites as well as parasites of wildlife species. Daniel will be doing research with Anthropology professor Jonah Steinberg to carry out research on the street children of India and their migration from rural India to cities.  He will be working at the Navdanya learning center and farm in Dehradun, Uttarakhand in Northeast India.