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CAS Faculty Research Support Awards for 2011-2012

The CAS Faculty Research Support Award Committee recently met to review 14 applications.  The following is a list of faculty who will receive Faculty Research Support Awards for 2011-2012:

  • Associate Professor Erik Esselstrom, Ph.D., History Department, for his proposal: "Kaji Wataru and China-Japan Relations in the Crucible of Cold War.”
  • Assistant Professor Madalina Furis, Ph.D., Physics Department, for her proposal: "Imaging Electrons, Spin Coupling and Magnetism in Discotic Crystalline Organic Semiconductors.”  
  • Assistant Professor Sarah Nilsen, Ph.D., English Department, for her proposal:  “The Mickey Mouse Club: A Cultural History.”
  • Assistant Professor Reecia Orzeck, Ph.D., Geography Department, for her proposal:  “International Law in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”
  • In addition, Assistant Professor Katrinell Davis, Ph.D., Sociology Department, was awarded the Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award for her proposal: "Overworked and Stressed Out:  African American Women Operators in the Urban Transit Industry.”

For more information on the proposals, please visit:

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