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CAS Faculty Research Award Recipients

The Lattie F. Coor Endowment was created in 1992 to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of a President who served for 13 years at the University of Vermont, from 1976 to 1989. In keeping with Lattie Coor's humanistic values, his advocacy of liberal arts education, and his interest in the relationship of the Humanities and other disciplines, the Lattie Coor Endowment was established to encourage innovation and excellence in Humanities teaching and research, with special emphasis on multi-disciplinary initiatives.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring 2010 awards:

Lattie F. Coor Faculty Awards in the Humanities

  • Emily Bernard, Associate Professor of English and ALANA US Ethnic Studies. Book Project: The Van Vechten Paradox: Blackness, Whiteness, and the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Paul Besaw and Patricia Julien, Associate Professors of Music. Performance: The Solo Workshop's Significant Others.
  • Tom Brennan, Associate Professor of Art and Art History. Photography: Production of a limited-edition portfolio of photographs of museum bird specimens. Collections are at Middlebury College, UVM, and Ecotarium in Worcester, MA.
  • Steve Budington, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History. Art Exhibits: Artificial Selection at a gallery in Albuquerque NM, and Homunculus Firehouse Gallery, Burlington VT.
  • Robert Gordon/Cameron Wesson, Professor/Associate Professor of Anthropology. Research Project: Archival research of materials relating to writing a biography of Max Gluckman.
  • Felicia Kornbluh, Associate Professor of History/Women's and Gender Studies. Book Project: The Fair That Failed.
  • Gregory Ramos, Assistant Professor of Theatre. Performance: A new original play, When We Danced, at two venues in New England.
  • Elizabeth Smith, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Research Project: "Social and aesthetic contexts for Nubian women's domestic art in Egypt pre-1964."
  • Mark Usher, Associate Professor of Classics. Research Project: Research on a film by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Notes for an African Oresteia.

Lattie F. Coor Research Assistantships

To foster research in the Humanities by providing assistance to faculty and financial support to students, faculty may apply for grants for a specified number of hours of research assistance. The maximum grant amount is $1,000 (=100 hours of research). The students assisting faculty who are awarded these grants will be known as Lattie F. Coor Research Fellows.

  • Steve Budington, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History. His Coor Research Fellow will support "Homunculus," a solo exhibition at the Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT
  • Tyler Doggett, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. His Coor Research Fellow will support two projects involving legal philosophy of self-defense.

Lattie F. Coor Conference/Event Co-Sponsorships

Approximately $3,000 is available each year to assist departments and programs with the sponsorship of events relevant to the Humanities. Maximum award is $300.

  • Music Department -- Patricia Riley, Associate Professor of Music. For the UVM Music Department to sponsor the College Music Society 31st Northwest Regional Conference.

Lattie F. Coor Travel Awards: Fall 2009 and Spring 2010

In an effort to help with the costs of overseas travel, approximately $5,000 of Lattie Coor funds is allocated each year to provide support for faculty giving papers at Humanities meetings held outside the continental United States. The maximum award amount is $500 per faculty member each academic year.

  • Antonello Borra, Associate Professor of Romance Languages ~ Lecce, Italy: Present a paper on Italian cinema and poetry and chair a session on contemporary Italian poetry at the 2010 Conference of the American Association of Teachers of Italian.
  • Emily Manetta, Assistant Professor of Anthropology ~ Vienna, Austria: Present a paper, "The passive and the structure of the verbal complex in Hindi-Urdu," at the Voice 2010 Conference (Morphological Voice and Its Grammatical Interfaces: Theoretic Modeling and Psycholinguistic Validation).
  • Kelley Helmstutler Di Dio, Associate Professor of Art and Art History ~ Venice, Italy: Present a paper and chair a session at the Renaissance Society of America's International Conference.
  • Tina Escaja, Professor of Romance Languages ~ Quito, Ecuador: Present latest work on poetry and represent the International Hispanic Women's Association as their President.
  • John Franklin, Associate Professor of Classics ~ Ravenna, Italy: Present a paper at the conference of MOISA: International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and Its Cultural Heritage.
  • Luther H. Martin, Professor of Religion ~ Messina, Sicily: Present a paper, “The Mithraic Diaspora and the Continuity of Cult Identity: Second-Fourth Century AD,” and chair a session at the European Association for the Study of Religion Conference.
  • Jennifer Sisk, Assistant Professor of English ~ Belfast, Northern Ireland: Present a paper "Mapping Late Medieval Lives of Christ," at Queen's University Belfast as part of the Geographies of Orthodoxy Conference.
  • Alexander Stewart, Associate Professor of Music ~ Mexico City, Mexico: Present a paper, "Supergénero, género, subgénero: El son mexicano y el complejo de la chilena / Supergenre Genre, Subgenre: Mexican Son and the Chilena Complex,” and chair a panel titled “Circulating Repertoires.”


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