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Research Opportunities

Incoming students often think that research opportunities exist only in the realm of the sciences. This is far from being accurate. Our size and our proximity to numerous research facilities, businesses, art galleries and museums, government, legal, and social service organizations provide students with academic opportunities involving research, service-learning, and internships. In addition, our surrounding natural environment is a perfect setting for field research and study.

Within any major, and across any field of study within the College of Arts and Sciences, you will find students assisting faculty members whom they get to know through their courses with research or, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, producing their own original research or creative project. Professors encourage students to discover linkages between classroom theory and hands-on learning.

UVM also has an Office of Undergraduate Research, housed in the Honors College, which provides resources to students interested in exploring mentored research, creative works, and independent scholarship. A variety of funding support is available by application for undergraduate research projects.

A few examples of undergraduate research can be found below:

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Research Opportunities in Psychological Science

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